Anshuman Iddamsetty is the host and producer of Vanguard by Shopify Studios, a podcast about how we make money today.

He’s a writer and activist with a focus on the fat body. His non-fiction debut, Hello Pig: Notes For a Fat Future is out fall 2019 on Strange Light. He is represented by Martha Webb of CookeMcDermid.

His work can be found in The Outline, Hazlitt, The National Post, and the first edition of Best Canadian Sports Writing (ECW Press, 2017)

He is a New York Game Awards finalist for his essay β€œHow Video Games Demonize Fat People” (Knickerbocker Award for Best Games Journalism, 2019), a two-time National Magazine Award finalist for his essays "Swole Without a Goal" (Personal Journalism, 2015) and "The Year in Thickness" (Essay, 2014), and won the Gold Medal as art director and audiovisual producer of Hazlitt (Magazine Website of the Year, 2014).